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The helicopters, and their crews, are the same ones called into duty for fighting wildfires. The raging wildland blazes sweeping across western states will be the No. 1 priority and Mount Peak construction will wait in line. The dedicated band that makes up the Mount Peak Historical Fire Lookout Association looks forward to the day when peak visitors can share a vantage point from decades ago. Their hope is that the replica tower will be in place by late August and, after some tidying up, be open for public use in September. The replica tower will welcome anyone who successfully navigates the north or south flank of Mount Peak find out here now and arrives at the summit. After making their way to the top, hikers will be able to climb the 47 steps from the peak of The Peak to the tower’s cabin. It’s meant to be an awe-inspiring experience with places to relax both inside the cabin and on the surrounding catwalk. Original cost estimates were in the half-million mark but the final price tag is now pegged at $600,000, at least. That made things mighty interesting for the organizing committee, which prevailed after receiving a state grant of $373,000 and two grants from King County that total $260,000. While those grants – combined with smaller donations and fundraising efforts – appear to cover the cost, boosters acknowledge there can always be unanticipated expenses. Additionally, there will costs associated with ongoing upkeep. For that reason, the tower booster group will continue fundraising this year. A major effort will be selling small plaques that will grace the front of each of the tower’s 47 steps. Those were selling at the recent Street Fair booth, along with Mount Peak T-shirts. Information about fundraising efforts can be emailed to: buildthefiretower@yahoo.com. During the pre-technology days, this part of the Pacific Northwest was protected by firewatchers who staffed four towers scattered throughout the woods in the general Enumclaw area. Mount Peak was home to three towers through the years, with the last one decommissioned in 1965. Soon after, for safety reasons, it was torn down.


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