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The futility of producers with more globally integrated supply chains, let alone foreign ones. Second, can any exceptions be written in a way that doesn’t violate the WTO’s principle of national treatment? The EU, for example, wants its animal welfare label to be “achievable by all” of its members. This raises the possibility that EU producers will be more readily able to use exceptions than foreign producers. Similarly, the Federal Trade Commission has entertained an “unavailability exemption” from the “all or virtually all” standard, which could be a lot easier to get by U.S. versus foreign producers.  US COOL on cattle and hogs was creative protectionism. It was stealth-like, shrouded in talk about informing consumers (even though few Americans understood the label), and disrupted U.S. supply chains with Canada and Mexico, all without a tariff. Will a new “Product of USA” label turn out to be a repeat of COOL? Vilsack clearly wants much the same content, like where the cow was “born,” “raised” and “slaughtered.” If the idea is that all will be good if the label is voluntary, it won’t. The good news is that Vilsack says he wants a “Product of USA” label that is consistent with the country’s “international trade obligations.” For the sake of U.S. agricultural exports, he should go on the offense and demand the same from all the COOL regimes being implemented by our trade partners, like Italy’s on pasta, the EU’s on milk and the many others that now dot the landscape of the global economy.  There’s no good way to clarify “Product of USA” when U.S. firms depend on global supply chains. Americans want information on the things they eat, especially on health and safety, but that’s not what they learn from COOL or “Product of USA” labels. As the EU’s advocate general, Gerard Hogan, explained in a legal opinion, these labels only serve to tap “purely nationalistic – even chauvinistic – instincts.”  Marc L. Busch is the Karl F.